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Daniel Moore, Owner of Bib & Tucker Wedding Photography

Little old me…

Hi! I’m a little awkward when it comes to talking about myself so please forgive me! Well, I’m Dan. I currently live in a lovely little town called Stone in Staffordshire with my lovely wife and two cats Amber & Pat (check out my Instagram for more on them!). I like tattoos, craft beer, pizza and Star Wars. I’m mortally afraid of Wasps to the point of actually running away and shrieking! On a typical day I’ll probably drink around five cups of coffee and share at least three cute animal videos. When it comes to my wedding photography in Staffordshire and elsewhere, I’m mostly interested in three things: visuals, character and emotion (not necessarily in that order). It’s important for me that I photograph people I can connect with on some level, I often become friends with my wedding couples both before and after their wedding day. I feel the best way to photograph the images that I want to create is to feel like a guest, that way I don’t feel like an outsider and am able to capture more intimate and emotionally charged images. I like to think of myself as not just a wedding photographer, but as a storyteller (sounds cheesy doesn’t it?!) I like to tell the story of you & your partner and your wedding day, focusing on the beauty and emotion of each moment and detail. I offer an alternative style of wedding photography which is relaxed & natural and photographing this way ensures that my couples can feel at ease on one of the biggest days of their lives. This relaxed style of wedding photography means that I can create unique images in a more non-traditional way, that have more meaning and feeling. My aim is to capture the moments that are special to you, as they happen. I don’t direct the events throughout the day or ask for lots of poses; I’m interested in the ‘moments’ in their real form and with their own authentic charm, just as they happen.


My photography style is…

In a word: unobtrusive.

I work in a way that allows my couples to enjoy their wedding day without being bossed around or taken away for an hour to have group photos. We’ve all been there. You’re at a friend’s wedding and there’s this photographer shouting at people, lining everyone up, interrupting conversations to take a posed picture and stealing the bride and groom for an hour when all they want to do is be with their friends and loved ones. No thanks!

“If you’re looking for a photographer who takes hundreds of group shots and poses you in every awkward way possible, then I’m probably not your guy”

I tell the story of your wedding through the eyes of a guest. I like to capture images of what they are seeing and to be in on the action. I try to blend in but not to hide, you won’t see me peeping through the bushes with some telescope of a lens attached to a humongous camera. I’m looking to be close to all of the fun and wacky moments, I want to capture the feelings and emotions of not just the bride and groom but their close family and friends, whom I have often befriended by the end of the night when we’re all on the dance-floor together! This all makes for a great wedding gallery but what I’m trying to get across is that I love weddings for what they are, one big celebration and party! And I’m going to capture this party in my own way and without giving direction or instruction.


As I mentioned, I currently live in Stone and photograph weddings throughout Staffordshire and the rest of the UK. I have a studio where we can meet, have a drink and excitedly discuss your wedding plans! If you’re from further afield or are having your wedding elsewhere in the UK or Europe, Great! I photograph weddings all over the UK and abroad (destination weddings). I have a secondary base of operations in the Lake District, which means I don’t need to charge extra for hotels when you book your wedding the in the Lakes. As for booking me for weddings throughout the rest of the UK, depending on the situation there will just be a little added to my fee for any travel expenses.

Destination weddings

On the subject of Weddings abroad, I LOVE THEM! I love to travel and photograph beautiful brides and handsome grooms in interesting and exotic locations, whether that be France, Iceland or the Bahamas, and everywhere in-between. If you’re planning your destination wedding in another country then please get in touch, you’d be surprised how little extra it costs. While you’re here, check out my most recent destination Wedding in Kos, Greece.

Still need more information? Get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

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