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October 19, 2017
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Hannah & Christian

How did you meet?:
In a bar in Xiamen, China after rugby training (H) and a work dinner (C). Hannah wrote a message to Christian on a rose petal, which he promptly ate.
Tell me your proposal story:
Christian proposed with a ring he designed and had made in Hong Kong on sneaky ‘business trips’, by the lake in Xiamen where they first held hands and had their first date. The ring is in the shape of a lotus flower which is Hannah’s Chinese name. It was Brexit day so we were pretty sad but then super happy.
Why did you choose the venue(s) you chose for your wedding day?:
A year or so before we got engaged, Hannah’s mum went to visit Whitmore Hall on one of the days they opened to the public. Quite coincidentally she happened to ask whether they ever had weddings there, and was told that they do but they don’t advertise. After getting engaged, Hannah made sure to visit the site as one of several different venues, all of which she filmed and sent to Christian who was still in China. Overnight they both decided which venue was top of the list and it was a unanimous vote for the Hall! It turned out that we were the only wedding there in 2017.
What was it you loved about your outfits and accessories that made you choose them?:
Christian chose tails as he wanted it to be traditional to fit our traditional church wedding. He chose a gold tie to match his gold ring (and later changed to a red tie to match the bride).
Hannah fell in love with her dress at first sight in the first shop she visited because of the detail in the back and bum hugging shape (for the groom). For the dancing she changed into a red qipao style dress (traditional Chinese) to honour her Chinese heritage. Chinese brides these days like to wear white for the ceremony and red for the reception. Her best Chinese friend Lydia, who could not make it to the wedding, had the dress made for her in China.
Tell me about the theme/styling of your wedding:
Colour scheme wise, the bride chose ivory, blue grey (her favourite colour) and browns as they look awesome together. The theme was a traditional English wedding merging into a Chinese style wedding with Chinese table decorations, lanterns and toasting, and the outfit change for the first dance.
What was your first dance and why did you choose it?:
“This is the day” by The The
When we first started dating, Hannah made a mix tape for Christian of ‘happy music’, all the tracks that make her smile. The first one was this track, which Christian loved immediately. When we started talking about first dance track this was the first one that sprang to mind, and our band made it happen with some seamless DJing.
What were the most special/memorable moments of the day for you?
Immediately after the vows in the church when we sat down together smiling at each other, knowing that the scary part was over and we had the rest of the day to enjoy and celebrate.
Arriving at Whitmore hall and seeing all our friends and family gathered outside grinning their faces off, and the sun came out and it was glorious.
Dress change entrance, first dance and really the whole 2 hours of the band set – they were fantastic!
Why did you choose Bib & Tucker as your photographer, and what was your experience of your photography on the day?:
Dan is a friend of the bride’s best friend Sarah, who recommended him as a local photographer. After looking through his online profile and chatting with him over Skype it was a done deal!
On the day Dan was just perfect. He blended in like a wedding guest but was taking incredible photos the whole time, with a strong candid style. He was also very good at relaxing the bride and when he had comments or suggestions to make made them in a friendly but assured way that gave us both confidence and kept us smiling.
What would be your best bit of advice to other couples planning their wedding?:
Choose your bridal party thoughtfully – you want good friends but also people you can really rely on to take the reins on the wedding day (and leading up to it) so you can get on with enjoying the occasion! (Hannah) Accept that it will not be perfect but it will be an incredible day with all the people in the world that love and care for you. (Christian)
Are you planning on going on a Honeymoon? If so where are you headed?
Yes indeed. We are planning to go to Bhutan next Spring!
Could you provide any links to other suppliers that you think are worth a mention?
On the Alive Network for entertainment, the Kickstarters band from London were phenomenal, loads of rave reviews from our guests (and us!).
Shout out to Adrienne, the housekeeper/wedding coordinator at Whitmore Hall who was the best all the way through and literally made the day itself perfect.
Natalie, Hannah’s make up artist was amazing, her website is www.creativetouchstaffs.co.uk. She was incredibly friendly and professional, flexible, reassuring and accommodating. She did the make up for both Hannah and her mum and they were both really happy with the results.
Our pianist for the afternoon, Theo Jackson, was such a pro and created the perfect atmosphere for our wedding. He has a band in London Sky Coloured www.skycoloured.net

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