Matt & Mel’s Festival Theme Wedding – Somersal Cottages

January 11, 2017
Lake District Wedding Photographer
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staffordshire wedding photographer

Matt & Mel’s Festival Theme Wedding – Somersal Cottages – Derbyshire

God I love a festival themed wedding! The award for most fastidious planning and attention to detail has to go to Matt and Mel. This lovely couple who met in The Lake District and who now live in Ashbourne, Derbyshire took details and planning to the next level. We’re talking personalised record name placements, personalised festival wrist bands, several live bands and a host of other unique and off the wall details. A pairing of Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton lookalikes even showed up at one point. Just for shits and giggles!

I had a blast photographing their incredible wedding hosted at Somersal Cottages, which is neatly tucked away in Ashbourne, between Stoke and Derby. The sheer scale of the venue wonderfully accommodated the several tents that Matt and Mel had put up as well as the facilities to keep their wedding guests entertained throughout the day.

The Humanist ceremony was bravely held outside, even in the face of imminent showers. Happily, an army of umbrellas were at hand for the brief showers and the beautiful ceremony, including handfasting and live music was allowed to continue in relative dryness.

The rest of the wedding was as interesting and varied as you might expect with such a thought-out festival theme. Highlights for me included live covers of pop music by a folk duo, a mass afternoon tea with more cheese than I’ve ever seen in my life, a surprise visit from The Queen and Kate Middleton and some serious shaped being thrown on the dance floor.

I had a blast providing Matt & Mel’s wedding photography and I hope you like my selection of ‘Natural and Relaxed’ photographs from the day…

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