Family Fun Time in the Lake District

July 1, 2016
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Family Fun Time in the Lake District

OK, so I’m really lucky to have two amazing parents who happen to reside in one of the most spectacular and beautiful areas in the country, The Lake District. Whenever Kate and I go up to visit, we treat it like a mini holiday visiting gorgeous locations around the Lakes and spending quality time with Mum and Dad, whom I don’t see as often as I would like.

We love a road trip!

Although the Lakes is only a three hour drive from us in Staffordshire, we treat the drive up as a mini adventure, we get a great playlist together or download a podcast to listen to. The snacks are at the ready and the energy drinks are on standby (oh the calories!). Our favourite services is at Lancaster and after a quick stop off there to refuel on Flat Whites, we’re off again into the countryside. I love travelling north, it seems the more north you travel along the M6, the prettier the landscape gets and the quieter the roads become.

When we arrive it’s usually quite late and we’re met with long hugs from the folks and barks and waggy tails from the dogs (Carly and Snoopy). Mum always has a craft beer and a bottle of wine in the fridge, ready for when we arrive (she knows us too well!).

The Lake District

Mum and Dad live in the seaport town of Barrow in Furness, which is in the south of the Lake District on the tip of the Furness Peninsula. For people who love the country side, this is a perfect place to reside! On their small holding they have a barn, which is now a converted gym. There’s horses to feed, Bees to run away from (in my case) and more grass than you can shake a stick at! The place is picturesque and charmingly wild at the same time and with only two neighbours you’re in no danger of being looked over. It’s bliss!

From this base of operations we can travel to all over the Lake District, the closest and most traveled destinations being Bowness, Ulverston, Lake Windermere and the lovely town of Kendal. The places and experiences are endless and we have only scratched the surface in the 6 or so years since my parents moved from what is now my home in Stone, Staffordshire.

Weddings in the Lake District

Another incredible benefit to this second base of operations is that I now have a foot in the door of the wonderful world of Lake District Weddings! Photographing weddings in the Lakes is unique to anywhere else in the county, in my humble opinion. The scenery is breathtaking in every direction and as the name suggests, you’re never too far from a beautiful lake, rimmed with lush trees and (if we’re lucky) capped with rich blue skies. I’ve always felt that the light in the Lake District had a special quality to it, almost liquid smooth (if that is such a thing). It’s a wedding photographer’s dream.

So if you’re planning your wedding in the Lake District then guess what, I’m yours! Get in touch for more information on my Lake District Wedding Photography

so to summarise, here’s a few from our lovely time in Barrow in Furness and Walney Island (at the beach)…


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