Danny & Tanika – Moddershall Oaks

October 19, 2017
Photo of couple at Moddershall Oaks
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Moddershall Oaks Wedding Photographer

Danny & Tanika

How did you meet?:

Through family. We we’re friends before we started dating we have known each other for around 13 years and have been together for 9.

Tell me your proposal story:

We were in Egypt on holiday. Danny had always said he wasn’t interested in getting married so I wasnt expecting it at all. He was dressed and ready to go out for the evening so he went up to the lobby to wait for me. I was taking my time getting ready (actually watching Speed 2) as soon I got to the lobby I noticed him looking abit nervous, he sat me down with a drink, then eventually got down on one knee to pop the question.

Why did you choose the venue(s) you chose for your wedding day?:

Danny brought us an overnight stay at Moddershall Oaks last year for Christmas. Whilst we were eating breakfast we noticed the outdoor ceremony and realised it was also a wedding venue. We were sold!

What was it you loved about your outfits and accessories that made you choose them?:

I loved my dress! I felt like a princess all day. Danny looked so handsome as well, his suit and tie matched the colour scheme, he couldn’t of looked any better then he did.

Tell me about the theme/styling of your wedding:

I found this quite hard to do as I like to see things before I make a descion but it all came together perfectly with the help from the teams at Moddershall Oaks and Pumpkin Events. Our theme was rose gold and champagne the venue looked amazing. Most of my ideas came from the wonderful website Pinterest.

What was your first dance and why did you choose it?:

Our first dance song was Alicia Keys- if I ain’t got you. Danny and I have always loved her music and have always said it was our song. It was only right we had this song for our first dance. The words mean everything to us.

What were the most special/memorable moments of the day for you?

Seeing each other for the first time. We lived separately a week before the wedding and had barely spoken. So that first initial meeting at the altar was amazing! Also having all our family and friends in one room together to celebrate our love was a great feeling.

Why did you choose Bib & Tucker as your photographer, and what was your experience of your photography on the day?:

We had seen some of Dans work and was really impressed. We weren’t into all the ‘fake’ poses wedding photographers usually make you do to get a picture. I hate having my photo taken so the fact Bib & Tucker offered natural and relaxed photography was perfect for both of us.

What would be your best bit of advice to other couples planning their wedding?:

Take it all in. The day goes sooo fast you hardly have time to catch your breath. Do exactly what makes you and your partner happy.

Are you planning on going on a Honeymoon? If so where are you headed?

We went to Vegas straight after for our honeymoon, we have now decided we need another honeymoon this time on a beach to get over the first lol

Could you provide any links to other suppliers that you think are worth a mention?

Pumpkin Events – Venue dressers
Flowers of Lichfield
Moddershall Oaks
Bib & Tucker!! 

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